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I’m a Dreamweaver convert to Rapidweaver and have read what I can find and watched quite a few of the videos on RW and Stacks. My site is all about images which I resized for my DW site and stored in subfolders beneath my “images” folder. My site has over 200 hundred paintings and each is resized for the web four different variations. When I added them to resources I put them in folders by my former categories. But when I use the “site image” stack the images do not show up in preview nor in view with a browser. In a former post I see that someone solved this problem by moving them all out of the subfolders.

Is there another way?

And a big thank you to Joe Workman for his excellent videos. Answered so many of my file structure questions.

Welcome, @artofcp!

Please post the relevant URL here so that we may help you troubleshoot. Thanks.

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Thank you, Mark!

My RapidWeaver site is not online as yet. I’m building it offline right now. My current site is but it is my Dreamweaver site. Here is a screen shot of the resources I am referring to if that helps.

The entire images file is about 85 MB.


‘site image’ is actually part of the Stacks add-on, and not a separate stack. (Must be a little confusing for someone new to RW, so don’t worry.)

If it is the case that subfolders aren’t supported (and I can see just why you hope they are), may I suggest creating a duplicate of your RW project - in the Finder; then adding, say, a dozen images at the same level (that is, not in subfolders), and seeing if they show up.

If you File > Preview in Safari, or Publish to a Local Folder, it’s going to be possible to see what error you’re getting because of the ‘absence’ of the image files. Good luck!

If I understand the issue you are experiencing, I think that there is a year-old issue on the stacks GitLab tracker.

It’s labeled as waiting for input, and looks like it’s targeted for stacks v4.2 release.

Perhaps @isaiah can give an update.

Thank you Mark and Doug. I had watched the videos Isaiah did on Stacks 4 before I began, so I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working. My only dilemma is how the use of the embedded image stack would impede the loading time of the page. The images are small enough in size and the 300 px size is the only one I will use on more than one page. I could move all the images out of subfolders but it is my preference to have them organized.

I did a little experiment to show what is happening. The screen shots below show a page with a 2 column stack. On the left is an image stack, on the right is a site image stack. The first view is edit mode, the second is preview mode, and the third is browser mode. The same image is used for each.

Then I moved the photo out of the subfolder and did the page again (using only a single site image for distinction purposes). The same three views are below:

It’s quite a lot of work ahead of me, before I populate all the pages I wanted to see if there was another way or a fix coming soon.

Thank you so much for your replies and suggestions. Much appreciated!

As for when a fix might be coming, @isaiah would need to let us know.

You could try what’s called warehousing images. That’s a RapidWeaver term for remote images. Where you manage the images yourself outside of RapidWeaver using a standalone FTP application and then reference the images with one of several 3rd party image stacks…

Thanks for explaining warehousing, Doug. I’ve heard it mentioned and wasn’t clear what it was. My site is so simple that I think I’ll just plow on using embedded images.

One additional note about images; I’ve started encountering the same issue with the regular “image” stack. However, if I close the program and reopen it, the images come back. I’m going to download the program again and see if it clears out anything that may be corrupted.

Sorry to hear that, Cathleen; something’s not right, is it.

Suggest contacting @isaiah directly. He’s sure to be able to fix it :slight_smile:


I haven’t experienced that with the older image stack.

Just wanted to make sure that you are aware that the older standard image stack doesn’t use the RW8 resources like the newer site image stack does.

Even if you place your images within the resources folder if you drag them to a regular image stack, stacks will create a copy of the image and give it a new file name when you publish it to your server.

That means that if you use the same image in multiple places it will not be the same image and will need to be loaded from the server and not the browsers cache.

Thanks, Mark. I did let him know. I’ve reinstalled RW and Stacks and gave it a good think. Decided to abandon the subfolders and started with a fresh new project. Using site images and so far all is well!

Thank you, Doug. I was aware of the difference and decided to abandon the subfolders, start a new site, and so far the site image is working fine.

Thanks for the update. Doug (@teefers), BTW, is an excellent resource on this forum. You’ll always get your money’s worth there. Good luck with your new approach… do let us know how it goes :slight_smile: .

Thanks, Mark! I certainly will and am hoping no more issues come up. I really enjoy this program and having learned what I need to begin and played around, I’m ready create.

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