Issue with images in RW8

I have a problem with images in RW8.
If I call the images in the text via a link, no problem, they appear correctly.
if I insert the images in the page by drag and drop, when the document reopens, the images no longer appear, neither in the editor, nor in the preview. I have to click on each box where the images appear to make them appear. Which is not very practical…
Precision, I work with Stacks.
Anybody got any ideas? Is it a bug?

I’ve not heard of anything like this and to be honest I’m not 100% sure what you mean. Which boxes are you clicking to make the images appear?

Also can you tell me:

  • what version of macOS are you using?
  • what version of Stacks?
  • what other plugins do you have installed?

And can you try an experiment for me:

  1. Reboot your machine (just in case)
  2. Open RapidWeaver up by itself (without a document at all)
  3. Create a new Stacks page
  4. Drag in an image.
  5. Save. Quit. Reopen the new document.

Does the problem persist?

Thank you for your answer.
I did exactly what you said.
Here are two screenshots (new stacks page) [Screen01]
1- image deposited directly
2- Text
3- Image deposited in an image stack

To the reopening:
Only the 2 images are displayed correctly (left image)
It appears when you click on the stacks (image on the right).

Second screenshot [screen02] :
On the old page (recovered from RW 6.3.4 but whose old content has been deleted and new stacks set up in RW8) it’s the opposite :
the image appears on the text stacks but not in the image stacks.

and if I export the page on which I did not click on the stacks which contain images to make them appear, there are not exported (export on the server)

Mac OS Version 10.13.5
Stacks 3.6.1
No other plugins


I don’t usually like to guess at problems, but sometimes it’s worth trying that first when there’s not a lot of info to go on. If this guess fixes the problem, great! If this guess is wrong, please see below for next steps.

Here’s my guess: some other content on the page – probably some text pasted into a text box somewhere – contains some HTML-like characters that is causing your page to misbehave wildly.

I’m guessing this for two reasons:

  1. The overlapping borders of some stacks in your screenshot should not be possible.
  2. The text in the overlapping stack has some diacritical marks (en fr.: des accents aigus et grave). These characters, when copied from some places, will not be pasted correctly.

With bad characters on the page you might see symptoms like:

  • selection boxes not appearing when you click
  • images popping in and out of view
  • scrollbars jumping around

The symptoms usually occur someplace further down on the page than where the problematic text was placed (but not always)

Here’s my recommendation for avoiding this problem in the future:

  • use the “Paste as Plain Text” (Cmd-Opt-V) command instead of paste. This will ensure that all strange characters that cause problems will be removed when you paste.

Here’s my recommendation for fixing the problem today:

  • Select the text in the text block right above the problem you see.
  • Select All (Cmd-A)
  • Cut (Cmd-X)
  • Paste as Plain Text (Cmd-Opt-V)

This will remove some formatting, but will likely cure some of the problem.
If you have several text blocks on the page, then you may have to do this to all of them before you see things start to improve.
If you have things like buttons or other 3rd party stacks that allow text to be entered directly (NOT in the sidebar) then you may need to fix them as well.

If this guess is wrong:
Then please try the experiment again – but on a BRAND NEW PAGE (one page complètement nouvelle!). If that works, we will know the problem is related to something on the other page. If it doesn’t work, it will tell us that the problem is everywhere. That’s the first bit of info we’ll need, so it’s super important. :smiley:

Also: only one of your images posted last time. Next time, please make sure both show up in the post. Merci bien!


Thank you for that answer.
I tested on a new project. New blank pages. When I used a text stacks, I left the original text (Lorem Ipsum). I imported an image from a folder. I closed the file, left RW.
I reopened RW, the text is displayed, not the image. If I click on the text stacks, it expands and the image appears.
I tested on the blog, it’s the same, some images appear others not. But this doesn’t concern you, I guess. I think the problem is RW8, not the plug-in.
I think the first screenshot was too big. Here she comes again.
3 types of images :
1- image deposited directly
2- Text
3- Image deposited in an image stack
On the left, the central stacks only shows text.
If I click on it (on the right), it unfolds and we see that the image is well in place.
If I publish the site without having clicked on the text stacks, the image is not uploaded.
If I publish the site after clicking on the stacks, the image is uploaded.
The problem is that I can’t check every page of the site every time I open the software.

On the screenshot of my previous message, we see, above the button, an image stacks where it is written +click to add content+.
But there is content, it is an image. But it is not displayed. If I click on it, it appears. If I don’t click, it doesn’t display and it isn’t uploaded to the server (actually it is but it isn’t called).

As for the copy and paste of text, there is none, I wrote directly for the test. And there’s no problem with open tags.

Yup, don’t panic, it appears to be just a display issue. We’re aware of this bug and will have a fix out this week for it!

Thanks for your support!



Thanks @isaiah, although that video isn’t loading yet…

We’re on it and will have an update out asap.

as it turns out the data is still in the project file somewhere (despite my earlier protest that it was being lost). and the RW devs assure me that they know how to fix this.

mia culpa: i assumed this was worse than it was. my bad. glad the RW guys are calmer than i am. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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No problem, expect a release very soon to fix this issue!


Thanks @isaiah and @dan hope for the best…
Keep us informed :slight_smile:

I confirm that:

  • if you do not click one by one on the stacks containing the images ,
  • if you do not call a page in the editor in +styled text+ mode in which there are images

» the images do not load on the server when exporting…

We’ve just shipped RW 8.0.2, however, the fix didn’t make it into this release.

We’re just doing some final tests on this one, and the fix will ship it as part of the 8.0.3 release later this week.

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Okay scrap what I just said, and try this slightly newer build of RapidWeaver 8.0.2 and see if that solves your issue:

Let us know how you get on.

I just launched the software that asked me directly to update 8.0.2 (before seeing your message).
The problem of loading images seems solved, at least for images that are loaded from the hard disk, not from the resource manager (but as I personally don’t use it, it doesn’t bother me).
The screenshot (attached file) shows how the images loaded from the resource manager are displayed.


It sounds like it might be this - the fix I released a beta for a few days ago:

You can grab that beta if you like, or wait for the released versions which should be in the next 48 hours or so.

If that’s not it, can you explain a bit more what you mean by, “images loaded from the resource manager”


I can wait because as I said I don’t use it.
I understand (but maybe I was wrong) that we could drag and drop images directly from the resource manager.
That is what does not work. Photos loaded by drag and drop from computer files, on the other hand, work perfectly.

Yes, it’s a bug. It will be released in a few hours, or you can download the beta right now.

This is a brand new feature. It has never been possible to do this in Stacks before. It should start working very soon.


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Thanks a lot @isaiah

I released this one yesterday. Hopefully everyone has it by now and is working happily with resources. :smiley:


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