Images upside down in Preview and when published

I’m using version 7.5.7 and Catalina 10.15.2 and nothing else (no stacks, etc.).
Until recently I could just paste jpg images into my pages and publish. Once on the page the usual image handling box (e.g. with scale, rotate, etc.) would appear so I could refine setting, and move on.

Now it’s changed.
Step 1 - drag images I want from Photos to Desktop
Step 2 - put a name on the image
Step 3 - drag it on to my RapidWeaver page
Step 4 - now the image handling box (e.g. with scale, rotate, etc.) does not appear, I now see a small box with Services, …
Step 5 - to get the image handling box I must click somewhere else on the page, then click back on the image, and with a bit of luck the image handling box appears
Step 6 - look at Preview, and the image is upside down, it will also publish upside down (upside down for landscape and sideways for portrait)
Step 7 - drag image directly from Photos onto a webpage, no problems, and no upside down images
Step 8 - take an image from the web etc. (convert it to jpg if needed) and drag onto webpage, no problems
Step 9 - flip image horizontally and vertically so its upside down in edit, now its fine in Preview and publishes perfectly well.

All I want from a system (MacOS plus app) is that it does the same this week as last week. I must be doing something wrong, but what? And what has changed in the last few weeks?


I guess the people who have looked at my problem just think it’s too trivial and that I’m stupid and need to find the solution for myself.
Fine, I’ve not found what the problem is, so put me out of my misery and tell what I’m doing wrong.

Something changed. You said that You’re using RW 7.5, that’s been out for a couple of years so I’m guessing you didn’t just update. You also said that you are using Catalina 10.15.2, now that’s only been out a short time.

My guess would be that there’s a compatibility problem with RW7 and Catalina. I can’t confirm this (I use the latest RW8 with Mojave), but that’s my best guess.

Lots of folks had issues upgrading to Catalina, even using RW8.

Only suggestion I have would be to run the image through ImageOptim to strip the exif & metadata info.

Basic manners like a “please” or a “thank you” will go a long way on these forums. Remember that most people on these forums are volunteers. Additionally a lot of people are away on holiday. Also there wasn’t any link or sample images for us to take a look at.

A quick Google search reveals that images can become wrongly rotated in some web browsers if they were originally photographed or edited on a handheld device (tablet or smartphone). They may have incorrect EXIF orientation data assigned to them.

A search on these forums for ‘orientation’ also returns several previous discussions. People saying that images they have added to pages in RapidWeaver have changed rotation.

It could be that your old setup ignored this EXIF data, but your newer setup has started applying it. Opening the wrongly rotated images in your preferred image editor and either editing the EXIF data or going through the ‘save for web’ dialog window should fix the problem. I believe that some image optimisation tools are also capable of removing surplus EXIF data from your image files.

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I thank those people who have tried to answer my query.

I am aware of the EXIF orientation codes, etc. and I have read through quite a lot of material.
One problem is that some of the material is quite old and I’m not sure if it is relevant today.
Another problem is the orientation tags are not included in Apple’s information on the metadata.
I have looked through past and present photos in my collection on Apple Photos and they all are coded 0 for SceneCaptureType which I think provides the orientation of the camera. I think 0 means ‘standard’, which I think on the iPhone is panoramic with a code to rotate it by 90° for portrait.

But in some ways my question is a bit different.
At you will see the same photo twice.
I have dragged out from Apple Photos the same photo twice on to a RapidWeaver page, and then simply published it. The first is dragged directly from Photos on to RapidWeaver, and the second was dragged first on to my desktop and then dragged on to RapidWeaver. In the second case the image had to be substantially resized to make it smaller and fit on the page.
So the question is why when the image is dragged via the desktop is the image turned upside down? This is not a pure rotation, in that portrait photograph when dragged through the desktop are rotated by 90°.

A second question is why a few weeks ago this did not happen?

What has changed? The only thing I can think has changed is that my MacBook Pro is now using Catalina.

The simple way out is to invert or rotate all the images in the Edit view and check that they look fine in Preview. But it irritates me nevertheless.

It also appears that no one else has this problem.

In any case I would welcome any help in understanding the problem.


I think you answered your own question.
You placed the image on the desktop (part of the OS) and it does something different.

Not sure why you would think that upgrading the operating system isn’t a major change.


Hi, did you update your iOS devices as well? I noticed that many images I took with my iPhone were rotated suddenly when I used them in another application like RW. I needed to open them once with preview, hit save, and then they could be used again…

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Hi, been away for a few days. I took on the comment about upgrades. I always upgrade my macOS and iOS, but I had not moved to RapidWeaver 8. So I moved and the ‘problem’ changed. Before I would drag an image from Photos to the Desktop and then into RW. It would land in edit, but would be upside down in Preview and when published. Now dragging the image from the Desktop into Edit, drops it in upside down. But now it’s the right way up in Preview and when published. So its still odd because all the photos are upside down in Edit, but it’s not a problem because it kind of corrects itself in Preview and when published (without any effort on my part).
I’ve decided to simply drag images from Photos directly onto the page in RW (this way everything works fine), but I would love to know why there is this odd inconsistency between RW edit and the macOS Desktop.
Could it have something to do with the orientation code on a photo taken with the iPhone. I’ve read that the iPhone always takes images in landscape and adds a code to rotate it and present it as portrait when needed. Anyone have any idea?

In any case thanks everyone for the comments and advice.

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