RW 8.7 will no longer export after updating to Catalina (Mac)

My Mac OS was recently upgraded to Catalina. The ONLY problem I’ve had is with Rapidweaver. First, I noticed some graphics are not appearing as they should, but the bigger problem is that RW WILL NOT EXPORT to publish, to view a preview of a page, or even to address theme changes. It loads most of everything fine (save for the graphics problem mentioned earlier), connects on a “test connection” with my server, but WILL NOT EXPORT (and thus, fails to publish). I’m dead in the water until I can find a fix. Thanks.

First off, sorry for the problem you’re having.

As for the image issue you posted here a few hours ago, and it’s not good to post multiple times about the same issue:

Now for the publishing/export problem, you’ll need to provide a lot more information if you except folks to help you out.

  • Name of the hosting company
  • screenshot of the publishing settings in RapidWeaver
  • screenshots of the error messages when if fails to export

The failure of the images could be related, you mentioned on the earlier post:

ALSO: When I hit the “preview page” button, it tells me it cannot load the file to (blank path given)…

Perhaps a screenshot of the message would help. If RapidWeaver has problems previewing pages it wouldn’t be able to export the page.

Hi Doug -

Firstly and foremostly, THANK YOU for the amazingly quick reply to my query. I appreciate it.
Sorry to have ruffled your feathers with “multiple posts” - I had posted my issue to the Forum once, but not knowing how quickly I might receive replies/feedback, I also opted to email directly for help.

I’m breathing a HUGE sigh of relief at this point…it had seemed that not only were the graphics not showing as they should have, but that I may have lost about six years worth of web content and work, so I’ve been beyond freaked out. THE GOOD NEWS: When I got up this morning, I did a double-check on the publishing path for local publication and discovered that, at some point when my computer was in the shop and they were updating the operating system/migrating the data, the specified folder was somehow changed. I corrected the path (and did have to replace some of the graphics for whatever reason), but the most recent site content came up, and I was able to not only PREVIEW the pages, but was able to publish.

Apparently, all’s well that ends well. WHEW

I do have one more, less frantic, question to ask: If this were to happen again for whatever reason, is there a way in which to:

  1. bulk re-link apparently not-visible graphics to make them visible, and
  2. is there a way in which to restore the website using a backup? (I couldn’t find reference to being able to do that).

Thanks VERY MUCH for your quick attention, reply and help on this. I appreciate it deeply.
I’ll make a point of revisiting my FORUM question, and, if I can, make a public note of what the problem was,
just in case someone else encounters this hiccup.

Take care and stay safe,

-rex morriss

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