Image Problems - portrait becomes landscape

It’s just started happening - when I add an image to a RW7 Stacks4 Foundry project portrait images appear as landscape. Landscape images remain as landscape. Existing images remain as they shoulkd.

I’ve tried it:: with -

  • various different images
  • the inbuilt RW7 image stack
  • Foundry image stack and zoom stack, where the image appears as it should in the image well but not on the page itself

The only thing I can remember being different from one session - when there was no problem - to now, was that I installed some stacks updates (BTW auto update for some reason had stopped working). The updates included some Foundry stacks so I created a new project using another theme but the problem remains.

I’ve restarted the computer and reopened the RW7 projects.

I hope someone can help


Were the images taken on an iPhone? I’ve often found that pictures flip or rotate if they’ve been take on a phone.

No Rob, just from iMac. The same portrait images were successfully added several days ago, and remain as they should. Now trying to add new portrait images, or even those same images, and they appear in landscape.
The images don’t get “rotated” if I crop them to square.

Appreciate the interest

I should have made it clearer. No the original images did not come from a phone - an old school camera

Sounds like something that @Elixir may be able to help with.

Just open and save them again on your Mac, that should do the trick. Then add them to the project…

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As @Fuellemann points out – open your image in your favorite image editing software, size and crop it as you should be doing for all images on your site, and then save it for the web. I personally use Photoshop for this, but you can use whatever you like. Most good image editing software will strip that orientation data from the image and you should be good to go. It isn’t just iPhones and other mobile devices that store orientation data in images.

That said, RapidWeaver, Stacks and Foundry are not the cause of this one. This is related to that image data and the rendering engine for the browser interpreting that data.

Hope that helps.

Thanks everyone. In fact robbeattie was on the right track - just that I’d lost track of where the images originally came from, a phone. I did as Adam and Jan suggested and all is fixed. Phew!

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