Import from Sandvox?

Is it possible to import Sandvox into RW8?

I’m not sure what Sandbox is that you’re asking about. Are you talking about “Sandvox” the Mac website editor or something else?

You cannot import a website into RapidWeaver. You’ll need to rebuild it in RW. Usually it’s a matter of downloading the images (if you don’t have them on your Mac) and copying and pasting the content from the final pages from an existing website. When you paste any text, make sure you use the “paste as plain text” option in the edit menu of RW.

While this seems like a pain, it’s actually a good opportunity to rethink and refine the layout of your site. Things have progressed a lot in the last few years in web design. You’ll like want to get the Stacks plug-in from YourHead software. It allows such more flexibility in laying out and adding content to your pages. With that and one of the included themes, you can build a very nice site.

Sandbox is what happens if you don’t guard your post which contains the word Sandvox from autocorrect. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. I figured that was the case but wanted to put some quick and dirty copies of the sites while I retooled.

I guess I need to get busy working. :slight_smile:

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