Beginner help. convert from sandvox

Hello all.
I am currently using sandvox and I am trying to learn Rapid Weaver. What I like about Sandvox is that it is easy to use. I mean real easy, however with that said it has significant limitations so I purchased rapid weaver to expand my site. Sandbox does not have add ons that allow me to expand my site like rapid weaver. I am running into a few issues right now and I am sure that part of the issues I am having is my inexperience with rapid weaver.

My website is I am attempting to mirror the site and upgrade it. I currently have stacks 2 however I find it hard to work with because it won’t let me change the fonts etc. I can’t seem to add photos either? I have attempted to watch the videos but I am not getting them because the videos say rapid weaver 6 however the video and the program are different due to all the updates.

I would like to have a similar set up and be able to add photos and do a similar layout as well as when I cut and past from Word to be able to keep the formatting and. Is there any suggestions that this community can give me?