Sandvox convert requesting advice or help

Hello all.
I am currently using sandvox and I am trying to learn Rapid Weaver. What I like about Sandvox is that it is easy to use. I mean real easy, however with that said it has significant limitations so I purchased rapid weaver to expand my site. Sandbox does not have add ons that allow me to expand my site like rapid weaver. I am running into a few issues right now and I am sure that part of the issues I am having is my inexperience with rapid weaver.

My website is I am attempting to mirror the site and upgrade it. I currently have stacks 2 however I find it hard to work with because it won’t let me change the fonts etc. I can’t seem to add photos either? I have attempted to watch the videos but I am not getting them because the videos say rapid weaver 6 however the video and the program are different due to all the updates.

I would like to have a similar set up and be able to add photos and do a similar layout as well as when I cut and past from Word to be able to keep the formatting and. Is there any suggestions that this community can give me?

Hi and welcome Gary.

Rapidweaver is a different kind of program to Sandvox and once you get the hang of it I’m sure you’ll be glad you made the switch. However, it does do things a bit differently.

A few things to maybe get you started

  1. I’d recommend you use your chosen theme to ‘change the fonts etc’ - most themes have plenty of options that you change fonts, colours, widths etc. Which theme are you using?

  2. If you’re using Stacks 2 then it includes built-in stacks that let you add text, columns, images and so on. Try dragging an Image stack onto a Stacks page and then dragging a picture from your desktop into the empty Image stack.

  3. I would always avoid trying to copy and paste from Word. Word’s formatting will mess up your text big time. Instead, just copy and paste as plain text and let the theme do the work - that’s what it’s for.

Hope this helps a bit.

As your site develops, give us the URL and I’m sure there are plenty of people here who’ll be able to lend a hand with things that don’t make sense.


Thanks for your reply.

I just upgraded to stacks 3 and I have the collection for that.

I like the bravo theme but I can’t seem to add a banner. Any advice on that?

Thanks for you help. Once I get this off the ground, I will do my non profit flyfishing clubs site so I know what I am doing.