Is it possible to convert a new site from Sandvox?

I am running 3 homepage created by the site program Sandvox. Is it possible to convert these pages into RapidWaver easy … ? :blush:

It’s all possible with rapidweaver! :smile:

What is the URL? Any particular functionality that you need?

If you’re asking whether there’s a way to import a Sandvox site into Rapidweaver then the answer’s ‘no’, I’m afraid. However you will be able to re-create the site manually - and quickly with some judicious copy and paste - and in many instances I think RW will produce better results.


Thanks for your very optimistic answer! I have a lot of pages and pictures, just have a look here: and

still optimistic … ? :slight_smile:

Ah, well I change my answer to Yes and No then :sunglasses:.

I misread your first post as being a 3-page site, in which case I was envisioning just easily recreating those pages in Rapidweaver.

The layout, functionality, etc of your current site is all very doable in Rapidweaver but, as Rob says, you can’t just import a sand_ox file into RW and have it converted over. You’d need to recreate it and I see you do have quite a bit of content, so it could be pretty time-intensive.

Thanks for your advice. I have no experience with RapidWeaver as a home page creater. Do you recommend this program? Is it for example possible to store the master files in dropbox, so it is availible from all sites, and a couple of macs? I do operate my sites from several macs to day. At home, and on traveling … I am thankful for you answer … !!

I mostly only use my home computer for Rapidweaver so I don’t incorporate dropbox. I know others do, though, and that was one of the main features of RW7. Maybe others could chime in on their experience.

I also can’t give first-hand experience with other platforms but I’ve been very happy with Rapidweaver. When I first started, Sand_ox was on my shortlist of products to try but the community with rapidweaver seemed more active and I knew that I’d need help. Between that and all the 3rd party development, I think it was a good choice.

There is a bit of an investment up front, but I think if you bought RW and a few key addons there’s really not a whole lot you can’t do.

And actually, just as I wrote that there was a new project just released by that is aimed at displaying photography (I note that you seem to have quite a bit). And it is literally a fully-made project that you just swap in your own content. Again, there’s a bit of cost upfront but not bad to get a fully functional website project. And if you were to ever make/charge others for building a site, you could recoup that cost pretty quick.

That’s just one example, there lots of other roads you could take with different themes and add-ons

As a former sandvox user the quick answer is no. You will have to copy the information over. The themes are not compatanle, but you will love RW compaired to sandvox.

When you say “copy” exactly what do you mean? Can I simply copy the html and insert it to a RW page to get started?

It seems Sandvox has been abandoned, no responses from Karelia and no updates in many months.

That might work, sort of, but it’s not the way that Rapidweaver is designed to work. Much better to find a theme you like and then start to re-build your site using that. You should be able to copy and paste (as plain text) the text and then get to work adding images and other features - like a contact form, for example, using either RW’s built-in page types or, much easier IMHO, using the Stacks 3 plugin and stacks.

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If you’re going to use HTML pages, RapidWeaver can display them, but it won’t convert them. They’ll be just that HTML, CSS and JavaScript that you will need to maintain and edit. That would defeat the purpose of using RapidWeaver. There’s a lot of great free products for writing native websites that do a much better job, if you can write code.

You might want to list a URL to your site and folks can have a look and make suggestions on what it would take to convert to RapidWeaver.


The site in question is

I took a quick look at your current website, and it’s very simple design. There’s a number of themes that come close to the layout, assuming you don’t want to change things much.
The current site is not responsive, so one thing you definitely want to do is pick a responsive theme. There’s a number of responsive themes that come with RapidWeaver, and plenty more available for free and purchase.

Again I just did a quick look, but I didn’t see anything that would require much more than just RapidWeaver, to recreate what you have now, and end up with a mobile friendly version of the site.

There’s always room for improvement on any site, things like an event calendar, integrating Google maps and more. Those could be addressed later, and would require the stacks plugin, and some add-on stacks.

I would suggest you give the free trial of RapidWeaver a try, go through the video tutorials, and try to copy and paste as plan text the current site.
It’s easy to change themes and try different looks.
You can also check out some other themes (free and demo versions) from themeflood.

There’s also a trial version of stacks you can try as well. My best recommendation would be to go slow as it’s easy to spend quite a bit of money on all the additional stuff like stacks for RapidWeaver.


I just discovered that Sandvox is dead – or at least won’t work with my web host – and started investigating here, but I’m thoroughly confused by what I read. What do you have to do to copy the my old Sandvox html-based site on the web into Rapidweaver. How much revising is required. And what kind of code does Rapidweaver produce? I am not up to date with web coding - I picked Sandvox, and Dreamweaver before it, because I wanted WYSIWYG. If you want to check my site, it’s

Hi Jeff, you’re out of luck I’m afraid. You can’t convert a Sandvox site into a Rapidweaver site. You’re much better off re-building your site from the ground up - re-use the content of course, but choose a modern, responsive Rapidweaver theme that will work properly on mobile devices.

It’ll be a substantial job - looks like you have a lot of content - but worth it in the end, IMHO.