Importing Formloom 4 page

I have a Formloom page here:

I want to import that page into a normal stacks page. I tried using PlusKit (latest version) but it doesn’t work. I then found a helper stack referenced here but cannot find it on YabDab’s site. Yabdab’s site states it is here for download but the download doesn’t contain the helper stack. I also retrieved my purchase download link and it only contains the plugin.

Is there a @yabdab Formloom 4 Helper stack I can download? Am I out of luck trying to import the FormLoom page into a Stacks page?

I just downloaded the resources file on the page you linked to. The Helper stack was there in the zip file. Maybe try downloading again?

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Did you try this button (link) ?

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That is the button I hit and the download matches my earlier download. Thanks to both of you. When I opened the file and saw the stack, I had a moment and thought it was the plugin. :grimacing:

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

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