Formloom4 Not Showing in Library

(Paul Brown) #1


Just purchased the great looking Formloom 4 but after installing it’s not showing in the Library window? I can only see the helper.

What am I doing wrong?


(Doug Bennett) #2

Not sure what exactly you mean.
Formloom 4 is a plug-in, so if you’re looking for a “stack” in the stacks library you won’t find it there. You’ll need to add a Formloom page just like you add a stacks page.

Once you’ve setup the form on the Formloom page you can use the provided stack to display it on a stacks page. You do need to follow the instructions on the Formloom documentation page.

(Paul Brown) #3

Ah! That’ll be it then. All other forms I have are stacks so I stupidly jumped in there. I see now that this is a different setup.


(system) #4

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