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Hi, complete newbie here… I have several webpages written with Freeway Pro. How easy is it to import them into RapidWeaver? (Or even can it be done…presumably from the actual web pages rather than from the Freeway files).




I was a complete newbie. I moved from Freeway Pro.
I considered trying to use some of my Freeway site - but I wanted a properly responsive website and mine just was not that in Freeway - and not going to be either.

I watched a lot of the training videos for RapidWeaver ( I subscribed for a while) and for Foundation.
I purchased RapidWeaver, Stacks, Foundation and a few other relevant stacks for my needs and started again.

I have to say that I am now a happy chappy with a nice new website which is easily maintained and very responsive.
I recommend starting again after getting to know the new infrastructure - it is different from Freeway, but if anything I find it easier now.

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Hi Bonky,

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Unfortunately a direct import is not possible. You have to setup the sites completely new in RW, most probably by copy and paste. On the positive site, you could use this opportunity to update the sites, apply a modern look, and make them device responsive.

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Thanks Jannis and Julian for your prompt and helpful replies.

Seems like a lot of work but I’ll give it a try.
Best wishes,

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