Old website in Front Page

I have a website built with Front Page. Can I download it into Rapidweaver for updating?

Unfortunately not; you will have to recreate the pages one by one (and there may well be huge areas where the HTML can be re-used; but to take full advantage of RW, it’ll probably be best to start from scratch): these two pieces of software use entirely different formats - although… you are definitely moving in the right direction :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mark. That’s what I suspected. Looks like Dreamweaver is still the only option on a Mac that doesn’t involve starting from scratch. Somebody needs to give them some competition!


Like many people here, probably, I’ve used all available website builders for the Mac. RapidWeaver remains, I think it can be safely argued, the best :slightly_smiling:

Welcome to the community. Good luck. And do let us know how you get on!

If I had a choice of taking a site and using it with Dreamweaver or starting over with RapidWeaver, what I know about RapidWeaver now, I would EASILY start over in RapidWeaver. Even if it was a very big site.

@kundrol It really all depends on what you mean by “downloading it into RW”. The answers above are correct: you can’t do that. On the other hand … what tends to be the most time consuming part for some people is duplicating the content. The content (words, images, etc.) should be fairly easily to copy/paste into RW. Depending on the site this may be very simple, or be relatively easy work but take a few hours. It’s hard to know w/o seeing the existing site.

Presumably with RW you want to re-do, improve, spiffy-up the basic design of the site: menu navigation, basic look and feel, and so on. You would definitely create that from scratch in RW, but really … you’d want to do that anyways.

Put differently the news isn’t all that bad. The more text-heavy the previous site was, the easier it will be to take care of the copy/paste aspect of things. But if you give us a link we can give you a better estimate of what you’re up against.

And the options for extremely pleasing actual designs in RW are legion! You can make some really excellent sites!

Thanks. I’ve actually had this website up for about 15 years. My customers seem to like it just the way it is. Its plain and straightforward, and I’m not really looking to make it more mainstream or fancy. It’s mostly photos with a bit of text at the top of each page and some description of each image. Here’s the link if you want to look- www.handspunhats.com
I’m having to move it off my old PC so want to get it onto my Mac.

Looking briefly at your old website I think it will take a bit of time to duplicate. Perhaps trickiest is the PayPal stuff: but since I never sell things on my websites I could be wrong and this will be super easy. The first decision you would need to make in RW is how to handle menu navigation. As far as I can tell you have 18 pages listed in your navigation. That’s a lot of pages/items for the first level menu but probably makes sense in your case. Many themes, however, won’t look very good with that many items at the top level of navigation. So I’d try out the various free themes RW provides, or some of the free/paid themes at ThemeFlood.com, to decide which theme might best fit your specific needs.

The rest can definitely be built using Stacks, but reconstructing your site will take more energy than I initially anticipated because it really is image/paypal driven with lots of menu nav links.

Thanks Matthew - It was good of you to check out my website, but it doesn’t really look like rebuilding the whole thing is a good idea. I guess I could do it, but only as a last resort. I’ve found an older version of Dresmweaver, so will try that first. I just can’t figure out why nobody has come up with something to give those price gaugers some stronger competition. I see that RW is trying but it needs more user friendly tweeks to help people like me. Front Page has its issues, but it’s still the best in my opinion.