Importing old blog into Armadillo?

Is it possible to import an old RW Blog into Armadillo? If so, how? It would be a shame to loose all that work and SEO.


No, there is no 5 minute way to do this.

It should be easy to copy/paste blog posts from one system to the other. Of course you’d then have to add relevant categories, tags, etc.

My guess is you probably will loose all the SEO work, but the specific things you did for SEO would apply to the new blog. You’d probably be back to where you were (SEO-wise) in relatively short time. If you actual blog page remained at the very exact same address then you probably are in fine shape: despite having to redo SEO details.

But if Armadillo is better for you then better to take the jump sooner than later. I use Armadillo all the time and find it wonderful.