Can I import blog from to?

(PerF) #1

After upgrading to High Sierra i have serious problem with RapidBlog i preview-mode, and the developer don’t support RapidBlog anymore.

I have a blog at with about 8000 posts, and I need to switch from RapidBlog to something else - maybe Armadillo??

So - the question is: Can I import the posts form to Armadillo - or do anyone have a good suggestion what to do?

(Why i use blogger? I publish mostly by email)

RapidBlog Alternatives? Blog Stack Suggestions
(Graham Jackson) #2

The Armadillo ‘To do’ list had this as an item in development but it never materialised.

(Andrea Vitali) #3

I’d be Interested in this Armadillo Feature As well… although my blogs only have 450 posts…

(Graham Jackson) #4

Well I bought Armadillo 19 months ago and still waiting.

(Paul Rowe) #5


I’m not sure about importation but for sure the Instacks Poster Stacks works wonders for me.

Jannis @instacks provides first class support also.


(Graham Jackson) #6

Yup - I totally rebuilt my blogger blog(s) using Janis’s Poster Stack. Admittedly I ‘lost’ the few comments I had but it was good to have a copy of my blogs on my own computer and not on the blogger one.

I can highly recommend Poster Stack.

(PerF) #7

Can I have a look at your blog?

(Graham Jackson) #8

There are 3 blogs here:

(Michael Frankland) #9

@PerF - wow 8,000 posts :slight_smile:

You beat Seth Godin:

I would suggest try the Pulse importer but it might not be able to take 8,000… :stuck_out_tongue:
You can see it on the demo:

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #10

Main question ist what your future workflow should be:

  1. continue to use and it’s email blog functionality?
  2. move permanently to another blog tool

I guess for 1. there is currently no alternative than stay with RapidBlog. If that doesn’t work any more, you have to move to 2.
For 2.IMHO, it doesn’t make sense to import 8000 posts into another tool. They should already be indexed, and can be found via Google.

I would move to another platform (if offline blogging, Poster, if online blogging, Pulse CMS 5, but of course I am biased :wink:), and add a link to your new page to the old blog. Soon it is 2018, so a good date to start with a new tool.

(PerF) #11

8-9 years and 8455 posts at the moment.

(PerF) #12

RapidBlog is still working - but now in preview mode after upgrade to High Sierra.

I have to move to another platform - and Im looking for it.

(Paul Rowe) #13

My blog is located at

(Dominic Larivière) #14

Same for me, I am looking for a good and simple solution to replace rapidblog and import many messages.

(Rob Beattie) #15

I found the only way to do it was by hand. I moved my blog from Blogger to Armadillo one post at a time. Took a few weeks doing some every day but I’m pleased with the results.

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(Stephen Meyers) #16

I just embedded my site into RapidWeaver. But I am only an amateur with RapidWeaver, and this was the easiest for me. I didn’t like the Blog page that came with the software.

(PerF) #17

Stephen: RapidBlog is perfect if you don’t use OSX High Sierra.
In the backend you use and in the frontend you use your RW page, and have the look and feel as rest of your homepage.

(Stephen Meyers) #18

Couldn’t get it to preview the site, nor after publishing. I was logged into the site on the settings page. It’s actually easier to just embed, because I have a couple of missionaries at our family history library that keep up the blog writing, and so they don’t have access to RapidWeaver. Thanks for your input thought.

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