Rapidweaver 6 Themes not loading

I can’t open a new project without Rapidweaver 6 saying the “project theme is missing”.

I’ve loaded all the themes through “copy addons from RW5” and I’ve manually added all the themes using drag and drop theme on to the dock icon.

I’m seeing all the theme but every time i click preview it says "Couldn’t export your page. Please select a theme for this page and export again.

I’ve tested my publishing credentials and they are all fine as well so that’s not affecting the export.
Please help me!


Hi Carla, welcome to the forums…

Did you follow Preparing for RW 6 upgrade FAQ?

Did you follow the upgrade procedure as outlined in the FAQ’s?

Did you follow the How to Copy Addons to RW6 FAQ?


Hi Brad, yes I did follow those instructions and in fact I had a RW5 project that I managed to complete in RW6. That project is fine and up and running. All my addons are up to date and it does show all my themes to be visible.
I’ll attached some screen shots so you can see. The first is when I try to open a new project, the second is when i open it showing the themes below, 3rd is when i try to preview this project, 4th is existing project which i started in RW5 but completed in RW6 showing themes and 5th preview.
Hope this helps as I can’t start any new project in RW6 for some reason?

Please advise if there is anything else i can do.


This may be a setting in RapidWeaver Preferences _> General…

Check there for the default template and change it to something else.

Restart RW and see if the issue persists…


The other thing is that the current version of the Escape Theme is 2.07, is that the version you have?

Check for update info here

Use Michael’s Order Lookup page for an update link or email him directly.

Perhaps the version you have installed is pre-RW6 only?


Thanks Brad,
this did it!! I’m so happy. I will try to get the update for Escape theme as well, but before i do i wouldn’t want it to mess up my other website when I go to edit it! Do you think it will?
Thanks so much again,.


Hi Carla

Glad you got it sorted…

To me it looks like you duplicated the original Escape Theme (by the addition or{space1} is this correct?

If yes, a Theme update will have NO affect on sites made with that duplicated Theme…

If that is the actual Theme name for the V1.x of the Theme and you didn’t modify the Theme Source AT ALL, then there should be no issue with updating the Theme.

Michael David Design would be the one to ask though to make sure (I don’t know his handle on here) :frowning: .

Have fun with your weaving :slightly_smiling: