Project lost all theme settings when upgrading from RW5 toRW6

I’ve just opened one of my RW5 projects in RW6 and it’s lost all of the theme setting changes I’d made (which are numerous) - it now looks like the theme default again.

Anyone come across this problem and how to solve it? I don’t have the time to re-do all the settings, colours etc and I’m not sure I would even remember what they all were without going through it in RW5 and comparing the two projects side by side

Oh my lordy that sounds pretty depressing! I’m still a bit nervous about upgrading to Rapidweaver 6 and this is not helping! I hope you get it sorted soon, fingers crossed.

Yes, I had a lot of that when I went over to RW6 but that seems so long ago now. I did spend quite a lot of time with RW5 and 6 open at the same time. On the plus side, site-wide styling is much better handled in RW6 and, overall, I don’t regret moving to RW6 at all.

Mind you, it may have been easier for me as I tend to customise a lot using CSS rather than with the sliders.

Could we get a copy of the the project from RW5? Is the theme itself installed in RW6?



Hi Nik, yes I can send you the RW5 file and the theme is installed in RW6. Where do I send the project file to? It’s over 44mb so would probably need to be something other than email.

Please ZIP it up, and send us a Dropbox link: :slight_smile:

I assume all you need is the RWSW file?

Did this go anywhere? I am experiencing this same issue with two projects after migrating to RW6 and editing pages. Formatting is lost for the edited page, with stylesheets and images present and correct when published from RW5 apparently not published from RW6. Must be a difference in how files are collated. I can continue to edit these sites in RW5, of course, but it is all a bit alarming and somewhat inconvenient. I am guessing rebuilding the sites in RW6 would solve it, but I am not sure I can face this!

Unfortunately Nik at Realmac wasn’t able to resolve this for me. He couldn’t replicate the problem even with all of the files I was using sent to him. He was going to try something else but I’ve never had an update on this.

I’ve not been able to reproduce this at all (and all seemingly smart ideas haven’t helped). The original project in RW5 shows the same theme as RW6.

@nikf Nik, is there any way for me to get rid of the RW6 version in it’s entirety including any custom themes so that I can re-do the conversion from RW5 to RW6 again for this project?

Is it as simple as deleting the .RW6 file for it and the theme folder?

It’s just something I haven’t tried and it might be worth a shot…