Importing RW 5 Projects into RW6. Read here first

First, you must open and save your RW 5 project with RW 5.4.1/5.4 (not RW 5.3.2 !!).
Here you can download RW 5.4.1
Then you can open your project with RW 6.
Otherwise you may loose your content!

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@Oscar, thanks for the concise version :wink:

More info below in the Realmac software RapidWeaver FAQ’s…

How Can I Prepare for RW6?

How to upgrade from RW5 to RW6

How to Copy Addons to RW6

How to Import Projects into RW6

And so much more in the RapidWeaver FAQ’s…



Ha! I just posted a link to the FAQs in the other similar post like this!!! It really needs MORE attention so people check there first, And it needs to be updated more frequently!

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See, it looks like the forums can only have 1 officially pinned article that stays on top. Something else needs to be done.

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@dan @ben , maybe a method to approach this issue is to have actual FAQ and Tutorials categories for RapidWeaver forums that we can point op’s to for frequently asked questions?

Perhaps you have someone on staff or can obtain someone to keep the FAQ’s, on the support site, updated and current with the forums on a very regular basis.



I have pinned this post in the categorie RapidWeaver, not global.