Importing RW 7 site to RW Classic

Hi there brains trust,
I have a Rapidweaver 7 site that I’d like to export/import into RW Classic with the theme MASSV (no longer supported I know). I’ve successfully, at least I think I have, exported my site from RW 7, but I can’t seem to work out how to import it into RW Classic, or is it not that simple? Thanks

I’m a newbie but I think I could help here.
I understood from Rapidweaver classroom Tutorials that we can’t import (or re-import) an exported site from RW.
The right way to do that is to save the project (save as in File menu) and then open this archive (open item in File menu).
I don’t know if it would work from RW7 to RW8 or classic but I think you should try it. Make sure to have a copy of the archive file Before trying.
Hope it will help you.

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Bruno is right. Don’t try to “import/export” the site but simply open the RapidWeaver 7 project file in RapidWeaver Classic. Couldn’t be easier… :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys, much appreciated. I’ll give that a go

Thanks Bruno

Tried what you suggested, although RW Classic won’t open the project file with the original Nick Cates theme that I purchased (MASSV), so is there an easy way to import that theme into RW Classic?

RW Classic uses another directory for the addons-folder where your themes (and maybe stacks) for RW7 are stored. So RW Classic isn’t able to find the Massv theme when opening the RW7 project file. You just have to install that theme again, preferably by dragging it onto the RW Classic app icon in the dock. Then after restarting RW Classic that theme can be used again.

Hi mate, as I no longer have the install file (disk image) of the MASSV theme, I’ve looked in the package contents of RW 7 ‘Themes’ folder and it’s not in there. Would you know where it it might be, or is there another way of exporting the theme within RW 7?

Hi Glenn. I just did send you a direct message…

Thanks mate. I got the ZIP file, much appreciated