Migrating files from 7 to 8

I am very new to RapidWeaver and not a technical expert on MACs either. I received website files that were created in RW 7 and saved them from a disk to my desk top. I was told to download and save my themes and add ons first, which I did. I then copied these to RW 8. But when I open a project in 8 and try to upgrade it, I get a warning that my theme is missing. But I see the theme in my RW 8 library folder.

Reading other forums posts, I understand that there may be subtleties that I am not understanding and that files need to be just right. Any ideas what I need to do/am missing?


Can we see the error msg?

Thanks. Above is the error message when I try to open and convert the project from RW7 to 8.

Clip an image showing the error…and show the theme area to ensure the theme is the same.

Trying again to paste the image of the error.

Here is the Addons folder with the themes and the Kinfolk theme files.

Do you see the theme in “themes” within RapidWeaver?

If I remember if you are missing the theme it gives you the option to apply your default theme select something like “Apply theme & open”?
You could try that then if the theme is really available in Rapidweaver just change back to the theme you want.

Of course have a backup of your project.

Argh, the screenshots are not coming through in my replies.

Yes, I have a backup of the project. The theme and them style files are in my Addons folder in RW.

But when you open RapidWeaver 8 (just open with a new project and add a page) if you select the Theme button does the theme you are using show up?

If it does then try what I suggested above, if it doesn’t show up then you may have something else going on.
When looking for themes in rapidweaver 8 you can search for the theme by name, but make sure you select all themes first.

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I think you have to reply on the forum to get the screenshots to show (in the posts above, it looks lie you were responding via email)

Thank you from this Newbie.

The error message is
16%20PM Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 1.09.16 PM

and the themes are at

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 1.35.44 PM

Do you see Kinfolk theme inside of RW 8?
Not in a folder!

I’m not sure what you mean. Where inside RW8 would the time be?

You have to have a project file opened to see this.

Thank you, now I understand. No, the Kinfolk theme is not there. This must be the problem.

In the folder screenshot above how did you get to the folder?

In RW8 the folders (add-ons) moved. Go into RW8 preferences and select addons. you can reveal in finder at the bottom.

Try double clicking on the theme in that folder…it should install into RW 8

Thank you! That did it.

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