Installing RW Classic (Resolved)


I just made the purchase of the 5 year RWC update. There was no directive to install this new application. I don’t see it when I search for it… Not clear how to open it.

Any idea how I get this new product up and running and get my website attached to it?

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So sorry about that, and thanks for your support — it means the world to us!

You can download RapidWeaver Classic here.

Happy Weaving!

Wonderful. Thanks! Now how would I transfer my website from RW to RWC?


Just open the RW8 project file in RWC and you’re good to go. It’s as simple as that!

I am embarrassing myself asking this but would you be kind enough to tell me how to do this? Normally I open my projects from within RW. When I open Rapid Weaver Classic there are of course no projects in there yet. Not sure how to open a project in RWC?

Thanks for your assistance

Do you know where you saved the project files on the hard drive?

Opening files by the history (Mac OS, keeps track of that) is a convenience, but shouldn’t be the only way to keep track of your files. Things can clear that history out. You should get in the habit of keeping projects and all files where you know where to find them.

  1. You could try opening the files in RW8 and do a “save as” check the location.

  2. You could also use Finder to search for files with the extension of rw8

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It worked! You saved me : )

Have a wonderful day and thanks for your kind and patient help.

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