Impossible to upload since update

Since updating to 8.1 I’ve had errors repeatedly asking to re-link files. Now with 8.1.6 I can’t upload to my FTP server. Constant spinning beachballs, crashing, etc… All plugins have been updated. Running Mojave 10.14.3 .Have contacted Little Oak and they can upload no problem. What a disaster! Any ideas?

You could try 8.1.7 - a new beta which is focusing on ftp problems and better uploading…

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Thanks Jan, I tried that but to no avail. I can upload FTP via Transmit to my server from a local saved copy. So the problem is definitely with RapidWeaver. Wasted my whole Sunday with this!

@Nomadic_Briton Thanks for reporting this, would you be able to send your project file along with your FTP login details to with a subject of “FAO: Tom #3050”.

Project files can be quite large so using DropBox or WeTransfer might be necessary.


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