"Couldn't upload to your FTP server"

I updated the software yesterday to 8.1.3, made some changes to the website and tried to upload. I get “Couldn’t upload to your FTP server”, whenever I try, although the test connection to the server works perfectly well.

At the same time, the website lost all of its connections to Resources, which I had to relink.

Can anyone tell me what is going on and help me to get a good connection to upload the changes?


I am on the same situation … The only way that I can publish my websites is to ecport-them locally and the upload-tem by hand …

Thanks Dorin,

Can you explain a little how you “upload by hand”? I do have a stand-alone FTP uploader, which I can use.

Have a look at this post

Thanks, I’ll try that.

I have the exact same problem. Is there a fix coming from Rapidweaver? I do not have the skill, knowledge or time to figure out how to do it manually. I would appreciate any help or advice.

I have succeeded in uploading manually using the Fetch FTP program.

The failure to publish automatically has the following error messages ;

Couldn’t upload to your FTP server

Operation was aborted by an application callback. URL: ftp://teloa.pair.com

Can anybody from the Forum or Rapidweaver explain how to fix this?

Looks like you have proper credentials setup in fetch.

Looks like you are have completed step 4 of “Publishing Issue Checklist” in:

What happens with step 5?

  1. If the “Test” button reports that your details are correct, but you’re still having issues publishing try updating the Path by using the “Browse” button. This can often fix any publishing issues you may be having.

Unfortunately the message that you listed is pretty generic, so probably not going to be much help.

If the test button reports back correct, then clear out what’s entered in the path box and choose the browse button and see what happens. If it presents you with a list of directories (folders) try choosing what your hosting company requires (E.g. /public_html/).

If that doesn’t work read down the article above and follow the instructions to get the log file and contact Realmac Software Support.

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