Improvements on this?

(Pedro Pereira) #1

Any tips on how to improve my website and the way it flows? I’ve tried to be innovative but unsure on it’s success!


(Anugyan) #2

Okay, just been there… Theres a lot you can do. As it is, the navigation is just dots, I had no idea where I was once in the site! perhaps include some words in your navigation to help navigate - About / tech solutions / etc / contact. I didn’t know where to go or what I was looking at. What are tech solutions?
The consistent dark background basically leaves me in the dark- could be lighter? or broken up (contrast) - perhaps bigger photos. The Page layout.
I got put off by the jumpy page transitions. Think smooth - to ease the eyes.
Add a Footer to break up the page and give it all something consistent. Theres not really anything that holds it together like a thread that goes through. Banners / footer.
I Hope this gives you a few ideas to begin with and is helpful.

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