RapidWeaver Manual?

Is there a downloadable manual? The link under Help on the Mac goes nowhere!



No, unfortunately there is not presently. There was a bunch of FAQ’s but it seems those are gone as they are in process of a site redesign.

There are 2 books available for RW5 though, one by 1 Little Designer and the other Joe Workman. Most things apply, just in different locations in the program in v6.


RealMac has also said that there will be a manual for version 7. No help now, I know.

Joe’s book is said to be good but I think it’s RW5 only.

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Hi Steve,

Apologies for this, we are working on a completely new manual that will be available with RapidWeaver 7 though (I know that doesn’t help you right now).

We do have a free Getting Started video series on the RapidWeaver Community, that covers everything to get you up and running.

We also have our free weekly RapidWeaver podcast that covers a lot of common issues/questions.

You can always ask us a question here as well.


Hi Ben - actually this is pretty funny, since I never had a manual for my desktop-based taxi management software - so I can hardly complain now, can I?

Videos are fine, but due to their nature, not easy to find a specific ‘how to’.

Anyway, looking forward to v7.

Cheers and thanks


Ola Ben,

just to make you aware of something which might be called a bug:
The Menu item Help / RapidWeaver Manual
directs people to
which displays nothing - or call it an error message - or call it a broken link

I would have needed to look up some strange behaviour with offsite pages …
I’ll post that separately …

Could you guys “fix this” - for me it looks like an outright bug :slight_smile: … Sorry to mention

The help articles are still down (we are working on it), but you can use the following link to find the archived version: https://web.archive.org/web/20151222031826/http://help.realmacsoftware.com/hc/en-us


The link is still dead as of today.

The PDF Manual, a new Knowledge base and new videos will be going live on Tuesday next week.

Thanks for holding on and sorry for the delay.

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Can’t wait for the manual. Thanks.

You’ll find it under:
Findest Du unter: