In Stack Hand Coding?

I purchased some themes taking advantage of Black Friday deals (thank you developers!). The themes include sample project files, which are very helpful to see how the theme works, and especially how it can be spiffed up with CSS code. I did not know that code could be entered directly in a stack. Anyway, I do see some code entered to center text. Why would a person use code to center text in a stack rather than use the center text button at the bottom of the screen? Here’s an example of the code that’s inside a text stack. I had to remove some of the brackets so the code shows here (fixed now with Peter’s help):

<center> <p class="fa-max-100 icon_plus_alt2 fa-scale fa-fw "></p> <p class="fa-max-50 fa-slide-left font-6 fa-inline-table">Fluid Extra Content</p> </center>

You wouldn’t need to remove anything if you selected the code and then chose the ‘code’ styling (the sixth item in the menu bar marked </>).

Got it changed. Thanks for the heads up.