Increasing the number of tabs across the top in "Dark Glass" in RW 3.54

(Sandy) #1

I just posted a question a few minutes ago, and as I am thinking about it, maybe there is a simpler solution to my problem.

Can someone tell me how I can increase the number of tabs across the top from 5, which is what Dark Glass comes with, to 9 tabs?

(LJ) #2

No easy way - you’d have to hack the theme and know what you are doing.

You could however upgrade to Rapidweaver 7, get stacks and a blank theme such as Foundation and do what you like!

(Sandy) #3

Thanks for your speedy response. I am financially challenged right now and not able to upgrade my computer and the software that is on it, including Rapidweaver. But I’ll figure something out.

Thanks again.


(system) #4

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