Double index on the server

Hello all,

I’m updating my web site with ton of things.

Apparently everything works right, but at the und of the last uploading this window has appear (see attachment).

Some of your web directories now contain and index.html and an index.php and you should only have one.

The quickest fix is to login to your web server with a ftp client and delete all the files and directories associated with the files that rapidweaver uploads. Then full republish from Rapidweaver

The odd thing is that this morning I have updated other 4 web sites and I have had the same advice for all… nothing before this morning…

Normally he index.php is the latest one. This happens if you include a stack which requires php. Just delete the index.html and it should run fine.

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No Jan, sorry but deleting the index.html is not the right way… I have to re-publish all the web site…

@beepweaver I not sure what you mean when you say “deleting the index.html is not the right way”.

There really are two ways to make the fix. One is as @Pyrobrit described. Delete all, republish all. That will work.

However, if the change from HTML to PHP page only occurs on a few pages, then it is faster to go to those specific pages online via FTP and delete the unneeded PHP files (or perhaps HTML index files). This is as @Fuellemann described.

Way over 90% of the time an index file for a page has been changed by the creator (you) from HTML to PHP. It can happen the opposite way, but that’s rare.

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In the end, it just has to work :slight_smile:

Also, care should be taken if you are deleting ”all files”. For example, if you have any of these ”flat file” CMS’s or you have other stuff like warehouses images or resources, you risk deleting more than you intended.


Yeah, my answer was a bit loose.

That’s the point Doug, I have a lot of pdf and other data base into, literally terrified ti delete something…

No I can’t, As Doug was saying, I have a lot of document stored into and I have to do something really chirurgical…

If you go through each subfolder relating to pages on your site, and delete index.html, then republish all files, you’ll struggle to go wrong.

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If you have my SEO Helper stack is has built-in functionality that will help you clean up situations like this with a click of a button.

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Hello Joe, I already have your SEO HELPER stack… time to study it and use it…! :slight_smile:

Joe, if you have some specific suggestion on what to place and where, about every single module of your seo helper stack… thanks.

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