Index page name question

After uploading my changed home page, nothing new appeared in any of the browsers I use. Everything looks fine when I hit “preview.”

My website is

When I somehow input:

Everything came up fine.

I worry if other computers will see my new page or the old page?

Any explanations? Advice?

many thanks…

Loads for me without the/index.html

Scott-thanks. Yes, it loaded for me too,but not with the recently published changes. I just checked again and this time the changes are coming up. I am trying to wonder why?

If you are referring to “live” site then I suspect you hadn’t cleared your browser cache. Anytime you check your site “live” you should clear the browser cache.


Greg, can you explain why I can soon see updates on news sites every day, but I (we) need to clear our caches to see our own websites?

The length of time a webpage is cached can be set in the HTTP header. So news sites probably have this set to not cache or cache for a vary small amount of time.

Caching is usually a good thing as it speeds up how fast your pages load.

Also, external files (css for example) all take time to load. CSS files may not change much at all. May change every page update. It depends on what is changing on the page. So sometimes the content may update but the page looks “broken” because the new CSS files didn’t load, as the cached version was used.

For info on all this just search the web for “web page caching”

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