Infos for a new music website, two different language versions

Hi guys, I’m a newbie and need some infos about building my new site (I already have one built with iWeb).
I’d like to have a big background image as a layer with all the stuff over it and I need my music to start automatically as soon as the visitor come in.
More, I’d like to open with a simple homepage with only two link buttons and nothing else: one for the English version and one for my local language version of the site.

So, if I’m not wrong, I need: Stack 3 and one or two good plugins (maybe Boom Stack for the audio files?) or I can do everything with Stack 3 only? Is there anything I forgot to start building the site?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, like you I have just started building an audio site using Rapidweaver6 having previously used iWeb. I am also using Stacks 3 and in addition applying the Blueball responsive page theme. I’ve opted to use both ‘Player’ and
‘Playlister’ for the audio files though you need to be aware that not all the features will work on all browsers. However, I think these are relatively minor compared to the flexibility they offer. I am using to test build for but there is no point in putting too many audio files on the test build as when I publish to poundseat on a different site/server all the file paths would need updating as well. That would be a nice long job! The only other thing I would suggest is to get the layout and organisation sorted first and leave the audio file loading til last as this is the point where you are likely to start hitting a higher number of problems. Happy to share your frustrations if you are so inclined!

Hi, @Redman100,
As for the bilingual content of your web site, you may want to check out the RWML stack from TsoojMedia. It will let you use more than one language within any page of your site, so you won’t need to build a separate page for every language you intend to use.

Thanks guys: about the RWML stack i prefer two different versions of the site instead of having two different languages in the same page; really appreciated the kind suggestion anyway Rovertek.

I have a bilingual music site that’s made with separate folders, but the home (splash) page was made with the RWML stack from TsoojMedia.
I think the Boom stack is very good, it was released recently and I might buy it. The one I’m using works fine but I think the colour cannot be modified. Workshop Section

It looks like you are using Joe’s HTML5 Audio stack and there are options for color, not as many as the Boom stack, but there are color options.