Newbe excited to be here!

Hi All
An “Old” Newbe looking forward to the journey. Hoping to find a healthy , helpful and robust community.

Ron from Canada

Helpful and robust certainly. Not sure whether we count as healthy…:grinning:



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Thanks for the welcome.

My goal is to create a “Music” Site where I can showcase all my User’s Music.

  • Perhaps an “alphabet” menu where you can choose (Pic, Bio, etc…)
  • I would need some sort of a media player to listen to the music

Is this possible ?


Certainly is. There are a few media player ‘stacks’ out there. I’m a fan of Playlister by Stacks 4 Stacks as you can add a different image for each track. If individual players are more suitable there are several to choose from

Being new to RW you may not be aware that there is a plug-in called Stacks which greatly expands the functionality of RW. The plug-in ‘Stacks’ comes with a range of individual stacks that work within it. There are also loads of funky stacks you can buy from 3rd party developers. The easiest way to add a media stack is to use a stack although it’s not the only way

Before you get far, yes, learn about “Stacks” and “stacks.” Learn about Partials within stacks. They are important and can save you much time, especially for future “global” page changes. Learn that RapidWeaver can build sites (create HTML/PHP) but it can’t maintain your server so you will need to learn you hosts File Manager or better yet, use a good FTP program. If you can, I would advise building your site making every page a “Stacks” type page. There is also an option to export the created site (files) to a local disk. I advise doing this if only so you can see what files RW outputs and why. Export single pages and check out what get’s output. Output the entire site and check. This will benefit also.

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I do appreciate all the responses and I am very open to all suggestions being that this is all new to me…

The one thing that I am struggling with , is the tutorials !

Please correct me if I am wrong, but if I wish to review all the Tutorials, I need to buy a subscription ?


Indeed - though I started from scratch without using any of the tutorials and just used google or the search function here.

Some basic info on jargon here:

And I think all of these are free:


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Not sure if you have general web experience or not so I’ll also mention… be sure to keep backups of your Rapidweaver PROJECT files. When you publish to your website/server (or local folder) RW is creating html/php files. You want to be sure to have copies of your PROJECT files, the ones you open and work in in RW. If I’m stating the obvious forgive me. But I’ve seen posts where people think they can grab the output and open those in RW to edit. Cannot do…

So I assume that additional tutorials are not free and only available upon subscription ?

Good advise

Hi All
Now that I have had a chance to watch some tutorials and read the Forum Messages, I am prepared to do the time and effort to create my Site if you can tell me that it is possible to create:

  • A main page with a description of what the Site is all about, with an “Alphabet Menu”
  • When I click on a Alphabet Menu letter “B”, you will go to a page that has all the Musicians that begin with the Letter “B”
  • Then if I click on one of the Musicians in that page, it will take me to their area
    where there will be their songs in Albums where I could listen and download if needed.

Am I correct in assuming that everything revolves around Stacks and Foundation ?

Thanks in advance for all advice

Eminently doable.

Stacks is essential (imho) and you could build it with blank themes like Foundry or Foundation or with a purchased theme. Personally I use Foundation but lots of happy users with Foundry as well.

I’ve never used any of the audio stacks but I know they exist.

Simplest approach, you’re just talking about a master page with some text stacks and then a load of buttons which link to 26 other pages. Each page then similar has text and buttons which this time link to the audio files.

Easy to build but probably not the most elegant solution. The audio files will be large so you would want to warehouse the files (add them direct to your hosting server rather than put them in your project file). You might want to look at some of the content management solutions (CMS) as some of them allow file handling just via the browser rather than having to open Rapidweaver every time you want to add/delete/change a file.

My suggestion would be to just start playing around and it will all start making sense. Whatever blank theme you go for - consume all the help files and tutorials - lots of good stuff and examples in there.


There is a lot to be said for laying out your site with a pad and pencil. Number of pages and sub pages?
Plan it out.
There should be nothing wrong with posting a simple picture of your layout sketch and asking “What are the best ways to do this?” I.M.O.

@curiouschuck . I shall do as advised. I do respect the expertise of this Forum and look forward to what it offers

take a look at this…just audio…but works with music too.

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Just start exploring sites for ideas as it’s easier to take the pieces you like from existing sites;

Organization is hard :wink: The mother of all archives (that I know of).

“The Mother of all archives” is a site that because of it’s complexity, puts it way out of my expertise !!!

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