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Hi,Is there a Stack available that would give me a simple table like in dreamweaver were I can determine the amount of rows and columns, were I can merge and split cells, were I can adjust the grit border and padding. I am a musician and all I want to do is use a table to create my gig list.

I have Flex Table and Table Pro. they both don’t really do it for me.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Have you thought about creating such a table in another app, Numbers or Excel and then copying and pasting the result as an image? I also create tables and make them html and then either use the html code or again make an image. As long as the table is static and not too large (lots and lots of columns) then I would think that might work for you. I never seemed to get what I really wanted from the table stacks available for RW.

For tables I tend to use Multimarkdown. I don’t remember how to do a table in markdown, but I use a very useful markdown table app: TableFlip. You can grab it here: https://tableflipapp.com

Once you have the table completed (merging and splitting cells possible) then you can insert into a stack. Probably the best way to do this is with an HTML stack. I believe most of the time I convert the final markdown into HTML. There’s lots of websites that will do this for free. Here’s one: https://markdowntohtml.com

All that gets you is a table in HTML format. The “trick” is then to format it the way you want. I found a CSS option that I use all the time. I simply put that CSS on the pages where I insert tables. You can google Tables and CSS and style to find some free options. Here’s one:

All that said, there may be a table stack out there that fits your needs. Do you use something like Foundry or Foundation or some other all-purpose framework? Or are you using a traditional theme?

The markdown approach works really well for me and I find it simple. That said, one of the most difficult aspects of tables is how the behave responsively. So you want to have a good sense of how folks will view your site? Desktop or tablet? Or phone?

Another approach to build a table (if you use the ‘Source’ framework) is to use ‘Grid’, ‘Grid Plus’ or a combination of both. These two stacks in ‘Source’ are incredibly powerful. And they work responsively by default. You can also determine how they will stack up on mobile.

Thanks all of you, y’all certainly have put a few ideas on the pin board for me.

Thanks again

You can also build one as a csv file and import into PowerGrid CSV stack

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I’d build my table in Google Docs and import it with Power Grid CSV, EasyDB or another stack – there are a few out there. You could also import the table manually. Kuler produced a Google Sheets stack for KulerSQL, which I imagine still works, but I’m not sure you can still get it.

I use Table Builder for exactly this - https://rwextras.com/tablebuilder/

You can see examples of gig lists at https://www.altereagles.co.uk/Gigs


here - https://www.davepegg.co.uk/gigs/fairportgigs/



Thanks for the useful links robbeattie


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