White space on webpage

I use Rapidweaver to produce a website for our woodcraft club. When I construct a members list using Numbers and paste it onto a page it appears in Edit mode and when published with a massive amount of white space (about four screens depth!) between the top of the page and the actual table. Can anyone help (a silver surfer) to rectify this issue.

I suspect the paste has non-valid characters in it for html. For web work you have to stick with plain text. Ideally you need a plain text (html) editor such as BBedit to work your text and you can paste that into RW. But you can try this simple test. Copy your names from Numbers and paste into TextEdit. Edit the text if needed removing extra spaces etc. Copy and paste into RW. Select the pasted text in RW and use Format menu (on top bar) to “Clear Formatting” - See if that helps.

Like it was already said, it is a good idea to use TexEdit.

My 2cents would be that when copying the list from TextEdit or Pages, when you are about to paste it into RW use Alt+Cmd+V instead of Cmd+V. Not sure it works directly from Numbers but I use it often for plain text copy.

Yes… good tip! I have F5 setup on my keyboard for alt-Cmd+V (paste and match style).

James… the idea is to have just raw text in RW so that the theme and css styles can control the text font, size, etc. You rarely want to paste styled text which is what a simple paste does. You want to paste in just raw text.

Thanks Greg (also Tapio). Unfortunately didn’t work for me as I’d hoped! I’ve done an alt+CMD+V paste and the table design is lost leaving me with a column of names and addresses BUT by repeated use of the return, delete and space bar I am able to re-rder the names, addresses etc. into columns. Its taking quite a while but appears OK in preview so I have my fingers crossed! Thanks for your help.

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