Inspector Settings RW 5 vs RW 6

I own RW 6, I never used RW 5. I’ve watched many videos that demonstrate inspector settings changes. Seems to me that the collapsible sections was a better way than the long list in RW 6. Am I missing something? Is there a way to collapse a section?


A page’s Inspector settings are tabbed. I never find any one tab’s settings hard to use because too long; is that what you’re experiencing?

The fourth (the last but one), Theme Setting, is best tackled in Configure > Master Style, where all the options are at the far right as well. The number and layout can be many… depends on the Theme you’re using.

Maybe taking a screen grab of what the Theme vendor offers and stating - away from the RW environment; on paper even! - just which settings you want to change, and to what may make it less intimidating.

Mark, I am talking about the Master Style/Theme Styles list. The sections of that list collapsed in RW 5, but not in RW 6. I think it would be easier to navigate that list if the sections could be collapsed. My question was, can they be collapsed?


Thanks for clarifying… I imagined that was what you meant.

AFAIK, No they can’t be collapsed: I agree it would be useful.

As it is now, this arrangement actually forces me to go carefully through each setting and group of settings more methodically than one is usually tempted to do - darting about.

We’ll see what we can do about making the colour wells collapsible :slight_smile:

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