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I purchased InStacks Gallery 3. I really like it. I am having an issue when I drag a photo in portrait mode to the gallery, the thumbnail is sideways. I apply rotation to the photo so it displays correctly when clicked, but the thumbnail doesn’t change.

Any suggestions for a fix?

Link here


Where do you apply the rotation? Inside the Stacks page, when double clicking on the image?

Yes. I double click the image and move the slider to rotate the image. The thumbnail remains unchanged but the image displays correctly when being viewed in the album (if that makes sense).

Try to rotate the image outside of Stacks, for example with the preview app.

My guess is that the stacks plugin does not apply that rotation to image transformed files (which are the thumbnails). @isaiah

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The image is right-side-up when drug into the stack.

The image is then either shot in landscape/portrait mode, and the browser displays it in a different way than the Finder displays it.

There are applications available to fix this, or just turn the image inside preview 4 times (360 degrees) to fix that.


I’ll give that a shot and report back. So far, it has done this with every image in portrait.

is it possible for me to get a copy of this image? my guess is that it has some type of camera applied transform that stacks is somehow ignoring. if i can get a copy of it i can probably fix this bug.

if you can place it on dropbox (or any other way would be fine too) and post a link that would be great.

perhaps it would be good to zip the image file first (Hold the control key, click on the file and choose Compress Filename from the popup menu.) – this will ensure than any strange meta-data that is associated with the file will be preserved.


Files here.

Deletes after five days.

this is an interesting file indeed.

it looks like Apple has placed the image orientation data in a (new??) proprietary spot – some of the graphics routines seem to read the info – others miss out.

it’s a delicate situation. my guess is that apple will incorporate these into new versions of macOS soon. if i compensate for them manually and macOS fixes the issue later, the manual compensations will be broken.

i think i’ll try to add the compensation – but provide a checkbox to disable it? i’m not sure. i’ll try to add this to Stacks v4.1 if I can.

i’ve placed the details here:

you can follow along with that bug tracker to see when that bug fix will be incorporated into a new build.

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Thanks therefore!

I had a similar problem some weeks ago with one image. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it to orient correctly, including re-exporting from Affinity Photo. Finally I just used a different image. I forget where I was placing it, but it wasn’t InStacks Gallery 3 since I don’t own it.

i just checked in the fix for this bug. it should be in the next public beta build of Stacks v4.1 (hopefully soon – but this is a large update so i’ve been taking my time to do a bit more large-project file testing – thanks for everyone’s patience).

if you can share a copy of the image i can make sure that the bug fix i just checked in will work for your image too. there are a billion different places that the various camera vendors hide the orientation info.

it’s reasonable to believe that the problem above is identical to yours – but there’s a pretty good chance it’s different enough to not be fixed by the patch i just added. always nice to be sure – better safe than sorry, you know. :slight_smile:

BTW: the fix i just applied applies the change only to new images added. it won’t affect any existing images. if you’ve manually corrected for this issue (perhaps by running the image through an image compressions/optimization tool like Squash) then this change shouldn’t undo your fix.

A few details about this fix…
The change should make the correction in:

  • Image stacks (the Stacks 3 default image type)

  • 3rd party stacks that use %image% – if you drag the image into the content area of the stack.

  • 3rd party stacks that use side-bar image properties (where you drag an image into the sidebar). The Gallery stack in this thread is one of these. Also Foundation, and Foundry stacks.

  • it does NOT change Site Images as these were unaffected. SiteImage export the RapidWeaver resources untouched as-is.

  • it does NOT alter any existing files. only new images added will be changed.


Thanks @isaiah !

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