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Is there a way to target and change the aspect ratio of the thumbnails in a image gallery such as at the link below? Using Gallery 3 Stack from inStacks (great stack IMHO, highly recommend). I find myself with a project that needs a rectangular shaped thumbnail versus a square. There is a setting I believe that makes the thumbnails the same aspect ratio as the image…however, I want all thumbnails to be the same shape (as seen at the link…just rectangular). @instacks any input appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Dan,

Have all images the same orientation? Landscape vs. portrait?
If you change it to rectangular, the thumbnails will follow the orientation of the original image.


Thanks Jannis (@instacks) for the quick response. Great stack! among many others that you offer. The images will be a mixed bag of landscape and portrait. Currently in the example URL there is a mix of landscape and portrait. The “thumbnail” essentially seems to center crop on the image (an elegant approach which IMO looks great). That said, I’m wondering if I can target the thumbnail image somehow to change the default square thumbnail to a rectangular (landscape) orientation that would still center crop? Hope that makes sense. Essentially looking to “change” the shape of the thumbnail container to a custom size.

That’s unfortunately not easily possible. Sorry about that. I will take a note for a further update, where you’re able to specify both images separately.

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No worries Jannis I appreciate the quick response. For anyone reading this… @instacks Gallery Stack 3 is an awesome image slider/carousel stack. One can create virtually any look and they are all clean and functional IMO. If you’re looking for such a stack I highly recommend.


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