Instagram Link Page Template

I’ve had a quick search here, so apologies if this is already discussed.

Can anyone help with pointing me towards an instagram link page template or stack?
Some way to create a webpage that I put in my Bio on Instragam that just provides a bunch of links to other places. I’ve been using linktree but would like more flexibility.

Here’s my existing linktree

Is that not just a page of buttons? Am I missing something?

Yes! Thank you LOLzzzzz… I was thinking it would be more complicated… but I’ve created a page that uses the blank theme, rather than the main site theme, and creating something similar by hand.

Haha! Sometimes we need someone to point out the obvious :smile:

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What about
As you have a podcast you might find it more beneficial than as it uses the RSS feed to display episodes so automatically updates.
This is mine and to replicate it in RW is certainly possible, even with various styles for different screen sizes and links based on geographical location but I couldn’t see the point in reinventing the wheel.

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