Social Media Theme

Hello everyone! Is there a theme that can be “fully integrated” with social media?
I would like my website to automatically show my latest IG/FB/ podcast posts with minimal work on my end.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Theme I’m not so sure of but there are many stacks that can display various social media feeds.

However…social media is not very keen on diverting any traffic away from them, frequently APIs break and RW/stacks (and other platforms) loose their ability to display a previously working feed. Revenue is from ads, so anything that may negatively affect that is going to be stopped if it becomes a problem. Also any content you publish there might not always be there, and you have no back up/recourse as it is not your site, so to speak.

It’s better to work it the other way round and publish on your own site and have services like IFTT etc. automatically publish stuff from your site to Facebook/IG etc. That way you are in charge of the content.

Maybe not the answer you were looking for but hope it helps

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This is great insight. I really appreciate the thoughtful response. I have much to think about!

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