🐞 RapidWeaver 7.1 - Early Beta Preview

Hello Dear Weavers,

We’ve been working on 7.1 for over a month and it’s time we let you guys get your hands on it. However, please be aware that this is pre-public beta.


  • Do not install the build if you’re working on mission critical projects.
  • Please backup your existing projects before working on them in this build of 7.1
  • Projects saved in 7.1 are NOT backwards compatible with 7.0.x builds of RapidWeaver. You have been warned!
  • Plugins may not work as expected. Developers are testing 7.1 also and will be pushing out updates to help make the final release as smooth as possible.

So, what’s New in 7.1?

  • Opening large projects is now much quicker (after initial migration)
  • Exporting projects with plugins that generate multiples pages is now much faster
  • Added a sheet to show what RapidWeaver is doing during export
  • Added back in support for re-publishing all files for a single page
  • SiteLok plugin no longers breaks Preview mode
  • Colour arithmetic in themes now works again
  • Fixed an issue where the Filename extension was ignored when exporting (again)
  • Fixed an issue where an updated resource would not get re-published
  • Resizing Gifs now works (animation is not supported in resized gifs, yet)
  • Cleaned up plugin loading code, it’s good to be clean!
  • Fixed an issue under Sierra when using the Web Inspector
  • Updated Voyager theme (Thanks Adam!)
  • FTP setting name changed from “Fast as Hell” to “Fast as Lightning”
  • We’ve fixed up a bunch of issues and crashers with export introduced in the previous beta (sorry!)
  • Fixed an issue where Photo Album pages would not be generated correctly
  • Migration to global data storage now only happens once per page
  • Media queries that span multiple lines will now be minified correctly
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would crash when you removed a global meta tags
  • Cache busting links option is now saved between launches
  • Fixed an issue where plugins would sometimes fail to load
  • Export should no longer sometimes hang (Refactored manifest generation to prevent conflicts)
  • Minify can now handle non-ascii characters correctly
  • Thai characters no longer crash RapidWeaver’s code view
  • Many other minor fixes, and under the hood enhancements.

If you find any issues please email me, dan@realmacsoftware.com — Include a sample project file and/or the exact steps to re-create the issue. As long as we have the details we can get it fixed.

All being well, we’ll push out a beta to all RapidWeaver users that have the beta option switched on next week.

Happy Weaving!

I agree to the above and understand the risks of running pre-beta software. Download RapidWeaver 7.1 (18203b) Update: link fixed, sorry about that!



@dan: Download link doesn’t seem to be working here:

Same here. I see a 404 error.

@ashleykaryl @Elixir @dan Simply delete the “4” at the end of the link, so that you have “.zip” instead of “.zip4”.

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Well spotted. Thanks!

I thought 7.1 was supposed to be multicore enabled. I’m still seeing spinning ball and CPU usage never uses more than one processor.

These four are major for me, especially the all files for single page. Thank you Dan! Very, very, much appreciated!

@ashleykaryl @Elixir @RapidBase - Link now fixed, sorry about that. Secretly it was a test, only those smart enough get access :wink:


@ashleykaryl Please remember that we have no control over what plugins do. If they choose to perform a lengthly operation using just one CPU core there is absolutely nothing we can do about it and you should contact the developer of the plugin. Or use a different plugin :wink:

@tpbradley So is Rapidweaver now multicore enabled?

@ashleykaryl For doing what? Health check: yes, exporting: yes, publishing: yes, moving addons: yes, loading: yes, saving: yes, the list goes on. Remember there is no magic switch here, RW has always had some element of multicore support. In RW7.1 we’ve worked extremely hard to run more things concurrently.

I’ve sent you details.

Previewing Sitelok pages works! Yay, yay, yay!!! Many, many thanks for working on and find a solution to this issue. I’m sure @vibralogix, @Mathew and lots of others will be very pleased as well. Cheers.


Ha! Unfortunately I am working on “mission critical projects” right now so can’t test out the beta. But I’m very happy to know this update is likely to be out in 2-4 weeks. Looking forward to it!

Just published (to local folder) my 700 plus page blog in 30secs. Thanks for the fix!


@dan and Realmac…
Can you confirm that right click and “publish page” ALWAYS publishes all files for the page? (ie: Smart Publishing is NEVER in effect for a single page publish.)

Yes, that’s the way it’s intended to work. Let us know if you hit any issues.

Thanks for fixing the Sitelok Preview issue… I also use Webyep CMS PHP code in my pages, and the presence of that code causes the same issue as Sitelok did. Is there no global fix for allowing pages with PHP code (designed to be executed on the server) to be ignored in local preview?

Thanks again for the fix… The Webyep thing is a niggle, rather than a complete PITA like the Sitelok issue was!



Actually, the code is still Sitelok PHP, although it is related to WebYep. I have attached an image of the code that is causing the issue below.

Still This with Sitemap

Thanks @germanyague. Just to be clear, that’s the “SiteMap Plus” plugin. This issue has been fixed for the next release of 7.1 - thanks for reporting it!