🎉 RapidWeaver 7.1 is now available!

Good news everyone!

RapidWeaver 7.1 is out now and is macOS Sierra compatible. It’s a recommend update for all users.If you’re already using RapidWeaver 7.0.x just check for updates. otherwise you can download it directly from here.

This truly is a monster of a release, so many fixes and improvements it’s insane. You can see the release below for a full overview of what’s new.

If you find any issues with this release please let us know in this thread or contact support.

We’re already hard at work on RapidWeaver 7.1.1 — Happy Weaving!

Important: Projects saved in 7.1 are NOT backwards compatible with 7.0.4 or earlier versions of RapidWeaver. Please back-up your projects before Installing this update.

What’s New in 7.1

  • Opening large projects is now much quicker (after initial migration)
  • All exports are now faster due to concurrency
  • Exporting projects with plugins that generate multiples pages is now much faster
  • Added a sheet to show what RapidWeaver is doing during export
  • Added back in support for re-publishing all files for a single page
  • SiteLok plugin no longers breaks Preview mode
  • Colour arithmetic in themes now works again
  • Fixed an issue where the Filename extension was ignored when exporting (again)
  • Fixed an issue where an updated resource would not get re-published
  • Resizing Gifs now works (animation is not supported in resized gifs, yet)
  • Cleaned up plugin loading code, it’s good to be clean!
  • Fixed an issue under Sierra when using the Web Inspector
  • Updated Voyager theme (Thanks Adam!)
  • FTP setting name changed from “Fast as Hell” to “Fast as Lightning”
  • We’ve fixed up a bunch of issues and crashers with export introduced in the previous beta (sorry!)
  • Fixed an issue where Photo Album pages would not be generated correctly
  • Migration to global data storage now only happens once per page
  • Media queries that span multiple lines will now be minified correctly
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would crash when you removed a global meta tags
  • Cache busting links option is now saved between launches
  • Fixed an issue where plugins would sometimes fail to load
  • Export should no longer sometimes hang (Refactored manifest generation to prevent conflicts)
  • Minify can now handle non-ascii characters correctly
  • Thai characters no longer crash RapidWeaver’s code view
  • Added a “cancel” button on “change Theme and Apply?” dialog
  • Fixed an issue where Site Notes would sometimes not save
  • Tooltips in page list now look much nice
  • Project window now shows when RapidWeaver is unregistered
  • Preview now works with the Sitemap plugin
  • Fixed an issue with the contact form not saving correctly
  • You can now change the page extension for the home page
  • Many other minor fixes, and under the hood enhancements
  • Added an option to the Preferences to switch off local PHP rendering
  • Running on 10.12 no longer requests the Osaka font to be installed
  • Fixed an issue on 10.12 where the welcome text would be hidden
  • Fixed an issue with CSS consolidation where it would sometimes put the link at the the of the HTML
  • Update Lander Theme to 1.0.2
  • Sidebar code tab is now called “head” not “header”
  • Deleting all resources no longer crashes RapidWeaver, yay!
  • And so much more…

Great news on what appears to be a big update with lots of features we’ve all been hoping for!

I hope @dan won’t mind if I throw out some general advice on upgrading to new releases. With luck it will reduce some of the anguished posts on the forum in weeks to come.

  1. If you are running 7.0.x on mission-critical sites, and everything is working for you, delay upgrading for a few days. There will no doubt be a 7.1.1 within a few weeks that fixes newly discovered issues. This is the nature of software.

  2. If you do upgrade, make sure to back everything up and upgrade with a copy of your sites. Make sure that you can revert if you have to.

I’m personally looking forward to giving 7.1 a try.


It may be a great update but I can’t open any of my web sites because the stack 3 is not up to date…
YourHead site doesn’t mention any of that… And now I am frightened I may have lost my sites …


Here it works (AT LAST!) and exporting to local folder seems to be possible (AT LAST).
I still do not understand why I have to export ALL the site when I only change a broken link in 1 page :pensive:

Open RapidWeaver, then hold down command and push 7, this will open the addons manager. Then click on Plugins and search for Stacks. It should say 3.2.3, if not, download the plugin from the Yourhead page

and install that.

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Hi, Guys. A quick heads-up to a line of text in the release.

Yesss, It worked. Thanks a lot:-)

How weird, my Stacks 3 plugin is gone in the new RW update…

Have no clue about that. You can check to see if it is in the addons folder in the finder. Open RapidWeaver, then hold down command-option and hit 7. This will open the addons folder in finder. If you have the Stacks plugin listed there, click on it and do a get info (command-i) and it should say the version number for you.

If it is not 3.2.3, then get the latest version

If it is, contact Yourhead Support

I would also try restarting your computer, I always do a restart of my computer after installing an update to RapidWeaver.

Just right click the single page you want in the Pages pane on left and right click then “publish page.” It publishes the one page and all files associated with that page (css, etc.) I don’t trust smart publishing so that is about the only way I publish… :slight_smile:

Hi Dan and RW Team, RW 7.1 broke my blog. The CSS is not linked properly. before everything was running fine and domainname was used, now there is a “…//”

Here’s a screenshot:

How can I get back?

I cannot publish at all now since grade to 7.1. RW crashes on export every time.

“Something” (probably the 7.1 update) just broke my RW Blog, first page would display fine but all Archive pages displayed without the Theme (Mirage) applied. I turned OFF - Consolidate CSS, Generate CBL, Minify CSS which has fixed it FTM.

Yep thanks, turned Consolidate CSS off and it works now. But something must have been happend there cause it worked before…strange…

Same problem seen here. Turned off Consolidate CSS and all is well again.

Regretting the upgrade - switching from edit mode to preview mode takes ages, literally seconds. It’s always been more or less instant. Is there a way to migrate back to the previous version?

Can you email your project to support@realmacsoftware.com with the subject as “Attn: Dan”, also include details of the issue and I’ll take a look.

Preview shouldn’t be slower. What version were you using previously? RW 6.x or 7.0.4?

7.0.4. I’ve restored back to this version because I was having problems with publishing too. You’re right though - there’s not a great deal of difference in the refresh time. Could just be that 7.1 provides more info during refresh.

Publishing gives me problems since upgrading to 7.1. Before, RapidWeaver nicely detected which pages were changed and only uploaded those. From 7.1 it uploads everything! If I now add a page to my project, it uploads all my files to my server. Could you please check and rectify this?