Rapid weaver 5.4.1

I have tried the links to RW 5.4.1 but they don’t take me to anything recognisable. Can anyone give me a link that works please? I need 5.4.1 to get my project to work in RW7


You may want to bookmark this page:

as it contains all major (not beta) releases


Sorry, just tried it myself, doesn’t work.
@ben or @dan or @ElliotEKJ or someone else. Can you give the OP a working link please?

Hey @EllieMillhill & @Macmenno,

You want http://downloads.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/rapidweaver-541.zip :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much, that’s got it…

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Were you able to import your projects succesfully in RW7? If so, how did you manage this? I’m also trying to get my 5.4.1. projects in RW7 but didn’t have any luck so far.

Thanks! Lisette