Integrate self-hosted WordPress into RW site

I want to give access to a relatively self contained WordPress site which is on a subdomain from a main RW-generated site. Ideally this would be a single page within the RW site that users could navigate to, use the WP site’s content and, if they choose, navigate away using the RW navbar.

First, having looked at the other WP posts on here I haven’t found anything that quite fits this need; the ‘WP stack’ seems to bring more than is needed - I’m not interested in importing the WP content into my RW site.

Secondly, two options I’ve looked at are an iframe to embed the homepage of the WP site or just a plain link to the WP.
The iframe option throws up issues with variable page lengths in the WP site, thus introducing scroller bars on the page which is ugly. Also my RW theme is rendering wide margins at either side of the iframe which I would ideally want to minimise or lose.
The link option works OK but, of course, takes the user out of the RW site and its navigation.

I’d gladly welcome any suggestions for the most elegant solution for the scenario described.
Many thanks for reading.

At first glance, iFrame would seem to be the best option. Is there something specific the WP site does? Could you just rebuild that in RW?

Thanks Jason. I’d rather not rebuild the WP site as it works perfectly for the intended use. Just trying to find the most elegant way to connect it with the RW site…

Fair enough. If you could add a reciprocating link back to your RW site from the wordpress one, you might be able to recoup some of the visitors that get sent to the subdomain. The iframe is probably the best option but, I agree, they can look very awkward

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Hi David,
I’m doing just that right now:

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Try this:

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Thanks both Bob and Dylan.
I am investigating all of the suggested options.
Just now the iframe idea may be the most straightforward to implement, though as mentioned, less than perfect. I have noted that @joeworkman has a stack which partially attempts to overcome the scrolling issue but even he notes that it’s not perfect.