Broken internal Links RW8

Hi guys,

I am using the latest version of RW8 & have built a site using Aspen, with some extra stacks via Joe Workman.

However I have done the following, 1 & 2 below & although the links work when I upload them, whenever I do a further upload, ie change some text, some of my links no longer work, until I go back into them & reload the link?

NB: All links are via photographs at the foot of each page & are internal.

  1. I use eg a 3 column layout - add 3 image stacks - add 3 photo’s stored in Resources. Once this is done I go into edit photo & add a link (different links to each of the 3 photos) to other pages on my site, never external. I then turn these into a partial & use it on 3 to 4 other pages, see links below.

  2. I go through the same process as the above, but don’t create partials, ie set every page up individually!

Both 1 & 2 both end up with links from these photos missing again after any further updates to my site?

I may have reset everything by the time you check the links out, but I guarantee as soon as I publish any other changes, some of these links will be lost again. It doesn’t always follow that its the same links, but the Weekender, Doncaster, York, Skipton, Freestyle pages do seem to be effected more than the other? (These are the links I have forwarded, plus the Welcome page, which never seems to lose any of it’s links? It’s generally from the Weekender or Freestyle Pages.

I have published pages individually & as a full upload & both ways seem to be effected. Uploads are direct onto my site, hosted by Justhost. They are uploaded on: Connections 5-Faster, Mode is Extended Passive Default, just incase you needed this info.

Please help, I’m starting to tear my hair out & have tried to find solutions via the forum, but can’t seem to get to the bottom of it?

Home page link:

Events Page Link:

Skipton Link:

Doncaster Link:

This is a link that was broken 12.06 to the Stockport Freestyle:

PS Sometimes the links also seem to jump from 1 photo to another eg 1 photo loses a link completely, then another photo gains that link which obviously no longer corresponds to the correct page?

Thank you

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Hi Keith,

Used to go to your classes when I lived in Stockport many moons ago.

Will have a proper look later on. Always republish all file if you are having problems, I notice a few images are missing. Also have you cleared the cache of the browser you are using to look at your “live” site? If not you may not see the changes you have published, only the older version of your site that the browser has stored.


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Quick check with Scrutiny and it’s identified 114 bad links on your site. Will try and dig a bit more.

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Hi Paul,
Good to hear from you, how are you doing? Small world eh :grin:

Really appreciate your help on this, it’s only the 2nd site I’ve built using Rapidweaver & the first one was very simple.

I have deleted caches but probably not enough so thank you for that & I’ve just finished some more changes, so it’s now probably finished!

Thanks for doing this, I’m not sure where or what I should be looking at, outside of the site, I’ve just started to realise there are lots of other factors once uploaded :joy:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend & I’ll keep an eye out for anything you find. Thanks again :grin::pray:t2:

Hi Paul, thanks for telling me about Scrutiny, I have now used it & have no broken links. So I’ll just have to see if any start reappearing in the near future! Fingers crossed.

Thanks again & have a lovely weekend.

You know where we are if you’re ever up this way & fancy a dance :+1:

Glad you’ve got it sorted, meant to contact you but been a busy week.

I’ve a few suggestions for your site, if you don’t mind a little critique, but will send them privately later.

Not sure when I’ll be down your way, but will pop in for a dance if I can :sunglasses:

Hi Paul, sorry I got carried away with another website.

Yes any suggestions are most welcome :+1:

Hope you’ve had a good week.

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