Introduce yourself!

Hi Dan,
Pretty sure I registered when I purchased RapidWeaver 9 aroud 9 or so months ago.
Tried logging in and it would not recognise my email, so re registering.
I have an old (20yrs?) site that for various reasons - mostly software related I need to update and modernise a bit. I’ve also purchased Foundry, so after much procrastination I’m about ready to get into it. Wish me luck, I’m not overly tech savy.


Welcome @flypaul, it’s great to have you here!

If you hit any problems or need help, just post a question here on the forum :smiling_face:

Happy Weaving!

I recently was made aware of Elements. I was stirred to do some research. I found it intriguing. I have watch a dozen videos and was impressed. Congratulations, @dan on your accomplishments. I hope the very best.

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