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Hi Weavers, I am back ! do you remember me from perhaps a couple of years ago ?
I am currently trying desperately to get back to NORMAL after surviving a Stroke , (also known as a brain injury.) I am not wanting sympathy, but it affected my Memory and left my left side weak my left leg is improving slowly i can just about walk a little way with the help of a Quad stick, a walking stick with 4 feet spread out. i cant drive either because i cant concentrate on the route and i have no attention,
I digress i am also struggling to remember how to use Rapidweaver, although very fortunately RW has remembered all my FTP passwords. so i am hoping to rekindle my interest in using Rapidweaver by communicating with the RW community here, also make use my Mac Book Pro.

because of my problems i think i should keep away from RW8 but instead try to relearn RW7

sorry if i have gone about me a little too much