Introducing BetterFloat

This stack is a remake of the free ‘Float’ stack that is already supplied with the Stacks plugin. The BetterFloat stack lets you toggle between styled text, HTML code, stacks and Markdown content. You can switch between having the content rendered in columns or have content wrap-around the floating content.

The units of measurement can be switched between EMs, percentages, pixels or viewport width. And the addition of a breakpoint setting lets you disable the float on narrower screens. Altogether, this is a particularly powerful float stack which could be useful in countless projects.

This is a free stack, but if you find it useful please make a contribution to support ongoing updates.

Click here to learn more about BetterFloat.


That’s really nice Will, especially being able to disable on narrow screens and use percentages for measurement.



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@willwood - contribution made and stack downloaded. Not only for another fine stack but also due to your business model and contributions here in the forums…


So useful. Thank you for making this.