Introducing PDF Viewer 2 for Stacks 3

PDF Viewer 2 is now available – we overhauled it from scratch to work with Stacks 3 (and older versions of Stacks as well). It’s faster, responsive and now has a retina icon. You can easily upgrade from v1 to v2 at 50% off, new users can purchase the Stack for its usual price. If you have purchased the PDF Viewer Stack v1 on or after the 18th September 2015 you’re eligible for a free upgrade, if this should be your case please contact our support with the Order Number or the PayPal transaction ID of your purchase to get your free copy of PDF Viewer 2.

The PDF Viewer Stacks allows you to easily embed any PDF document on your website with just a few clicks. Simply move the Stack to a free place on your Stacks site, enter the URL of the PDF file you’d like to display, set the width and height of the file to a perfect size and you’re all set. Your visitors can easily browse through the whole document right from your website without having to download it. And if they decide to download it, they can easily do so too. The Stack works with nearly every browser, even older versions of Internet Explorer are supported.

Give your site even more professionalism by embedding PDF files!

Check it out today:

So…is not responsive, right?


No, unfortunately not at this time - it’s technically not possible. We’ve also addressed that in the Stacks screencast, which you can find on its product page.