Introducing Spotify 2 for Stacks 3

Spotify 2 is now available – we overhauled it from scratch to work with Stacks 3 exclusively (read more about this in our FAQs). It’s faster, responsive and now has a retina icon. Please note that the Spotify Stack is now a single Stack, we’re no longer supporting the Spotify Stacks Suite we had before! You can easily upgrade from v1 to v2 at 50% off, new users can purchase the Stack for its usual price. If you have purchased the Spotify Stack Suite v1 on or after the 2nd October 2015 you’re eligible for a free upgrade, if this should be your case please contact our support with the Order Number or the PayPal transaction ID of your purchase to get your free copy of Spotify 2.

The Spotify Stack lets you embed an individual song on your website. All you need to do is to drag the stack from the Suite to a free place on your Stacks site, after that you need to enter the Song ID from Spotify to display the song. You can also customize the players width and height dimensions.

The Spotify Stack Suite works fantastic with every kind of stack you use on your sites, even third party stacks from other developers are fully supported.

Download Spotify 2 today: