Introducing Speak Multi-language Project File

This is a powerful solution for building multi-language websites with Rapidweaver.

It’s built with Foundation 6 + Swatch Pack, Agent, SEO Helper (See full list of stacks - Necessary Stacks | Speak) and a beautiful admin area that control both languages built with Easy CMS or Total CMS. The admin area has full control over your website content and SEO.

Agent, SEO Helper and Total CMS work together to generate the correct meta-tags to provide Google for an excellent ranking of both versions of your website. Blog posts are also multi-language and 100% SEO ready.

A fantastic form that sends branded emails in the correct language to the user and to as many admin emails as you want. Everything managed from your admin area. Email template included!

Check Out Speak: Speak | Project file for Rapidweaver


While the project looks beautiful, everyone should be in awe of the tech and what is accomplished behind the scenes. Great job!

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The way SEO is handled in the project is really cool. When you write a blog post you don’t even have to worry about it. All the correct data is automatically generated for the two languages.
The form can be fully managed from the admin area, there’s even a branded email template included that automatically takes your logo and website information to personalize your auto responses.

A lot of automation in this project file.

Let me know what you guys think!


Quick question, @davidefan I have a potential client who needs a multi-lingual site built quickly (a revamp, actually)…so, I’m considering purchasing at the Easy CMS version and knocking up a prototype homepage for my meeting with them next week. IF they then tell me that they want to blog (they don’t have a blog on their current site)- is there a way to upgrade to the TCMS version? I own both sets of CMS stacks, so that’s not a concern. Many thanks.

Hi Dave, cool! If that’s the case I would recommend to ask the client what’s his plan for the future before to present a preview of the website. That would definitely optimize your process.

Of course I can give you a 30% off on the Pro version if you want to upgrade.

Let me know if I can help.

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Thanks, @davidefan! Purchased- and an email sent in for a small issue I wasn’t able to resolve. Hoping you can look at it prior to my meeting with the client.

Project file looks great, by the way. It’s obvious that you put a lot of time and attention into it.

Thanks Dave, there is a serious amount of hours put into this project. I’ve just sent you an email, that should fix the issue.

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One other question for now, @davidefan - what about dropdown menus? It will be simple enough to create new pages at the top level, but most sites contain some pages that are at least one level down. Possible? If not using this menu system, perhaps with a different one? Thank you!

If the menu that comes with Speak doesn’t fit your needs, you can open the menu partial and build one with either F6 stacks or with any other Menu stacks out there (you mentioned a few via DM).

The entire layout is built with F6 yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize it with the stacks you like. Really really flexible. If you want we could even create a custom menu with F6 that match exactly what you have in mind.

Thanks! I’m finding the project file very well thought out and a joy to use over-all. I look forward to sharing the final result with the Rw community in a few weeks.


Here a good idea… If you want to repurpose the Speak projects system to a TCMS managed video wall. You could use the Media field of TCMS blog to inject the YouTube embed code right into the blog list. That will allow you to create a blog list with playable videos instead of just an image preview.
That would look spectacular!


lol- I might need an example of how to do that!

Just a quick note to let weavers know that I have been working with the Pro version for several hours now- it’s amazing! The amount of work that Davide put into this project is astounding - it’s well though-out, the admin panel is a joy to use, and his directions are very clear and easy to follow. I was very apprehensive about taking on a dozen page dual-language site for a new client, but this project is making is very simple. About eight of the pages will be static (that is, the content won’t be changing), so I’ll just use Joe’s Agent stack for them (very simple pages). The other pages will fit right in with the project file Davide created.

The site won’t go live for a good six weeks or so- but, I’ll post the link once it does.


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