Introducing the new Filmset stack

The basic idea of Filmset is to take simple content types (like video, images or iFrames) and ‘frame’ them within an attractive backdrop image.

Therefore you can accomplish the appearance of this content being presented inside a device or other object. Brilliant to use for website banners, product videos, software screenshots, and much more.

You can choose to use one of the many preset backdrop images. Alternatively you can add your own custom image. Then use the sliders to adjust the size and positioning of your content to fit the ‘cut out’.

Filmset is a mobile responsive stack and can be optimised for higher resolution displays. Content types like HTML5 video support some advanced features, like captions and subtitles.

A stack that is sure to grab the attention of all your website users!

To learn more about Filmset, please click here.


Awesome stack :+1:


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